The world changes every day, and we change with it! For years now, we have been offering good quality products sourced primarily from China, that generally take 15 to 20 days to arrive with our customers. What we realized this year though is that an increasing number of our customers would prefer to buy goods sourced in their own country.  

We also noticed that a huge number of online stores are selling goods from China but only informing their customers in tiny, obscure print. We simply don't like this practice  and so  although we have always made it clear where our goods are sourced, we decided it needs to be even clearer!

We respect our Chinese suppliers and are proud to tell you where our products come from, but we are now also stocking our new USA and Australian stores with goods from those countries. These are generally a little more expensive but they do have faster delivery times.

Please bear with us while we stock our new stores, organize shipping rates and so on. It will take a little while, but it will be worth it!

USA Store

Aussie Store

Chinese Store