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The Aquarius Key: A Novel of the Occult

A Novel f the Occult

This book was written by me after I'd spent some 30 years reading and studying Aleister Crowley  - with no intention of ever writing a book. At the time of writing, I felt the need to write a novel that seriously used real magick in its theme. I  called on my knowledge of Crowley, of the kabbalah and the tarot in writing the tale. Many people have expressed pleasure at this approach, whilst some have found it a touch 'heavy'. I hope you'll give it a chance and that you enjoy it. Click on the Amazon link to get yours - you can also find it at other online stores if that doesn't appeal to you.

Keith RowleyAuthor


Nothing can prepare Bill and Sue Williams for the assault on sanity set in motion by those who seek the Qabalistic keys to the scripture of the new eon. Beset by nightmares, overwhelmed by acts of betrayal and ritual murder, their lives are changed forever by forces they cannot see or comprehend.

For Aaron Steen, the culmination of his lifelong quest for the Aquarius Key approaches. Manipulating the shadow power of the Qabalah, he sets in motion a sequence of events that will change the world forever, replacing the gods of Christ and Mohammed with a darker power, establishing a priesthood that will dominate humanity for the next two thousand years.But he has little time. The ceremonies of blood must be completed; the Key Bearer must yield up the Holy Key; the Key Bearer must die. 

And all the while his enemy approaches, desperately seeking the truth in a world of Magick long discarded and forgotten by modern humanity.Set in present day London and the stark beauty of North Wales, The Aquarius Key lays bare the history and practice of the ancient magical arts of Qabalistic Magick and the legacy of the West's greatest magician, Aleister Crowley.

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A strange and often brutal book, this independent work however is a clean and professional package, with an excellent flow. It is an education in the occult, and it can be a lot of information sometimes. But if you're into occult books, this one might appeal to you.

Stephanie Johanesen Reviewer on Goodreads

Goodreads reviewer


Made me cringe several times.... Surreal

Delphine PessoaReviewer on Goodreads

Useful Information Concerning The Aquarius Key

  • Aleister Crowley
  • what is Magick?
  • the new age
  • Premise

Magick ceremonial and otherwise is concerned with the navigation of the world that acts as a backdrop, as a living archetype to ours, powers and structure and with its interaction with our 'real' world.
So what Crowley is suggesting here is altogether the viewpoint of a mystic even though it might accord well with the understanding of a psychologist or psychoanalyst. So what is the 'truth'? - this may sound trite, but if it works for you, then it's true.

Each of us lives in his/her own subjectively created universe, drawing on the knowledge and myths in which we are immersed and building our own reality. But this is not fantasy, because by using the power of consciousness, by tapping into the power of the natural world and of others around us, we shape the outcomes we so desire from life, we shape our own outcomes. We see this clearly around us - those who believe they are born to succeed do so and those who think themselves born to lose live terrible lives - belief is everything!

Artwork Created for The Aquarius Key by Artist Hettie Rowley

  • Myra Qadish
  •  Crowley
  •  Crowley 2
  • The Burden
  • the gateway
  • EONS
Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley - Pastels on Paper

Artwork Commissions

Aleister Crowley

This portrait of Crowley has been made in pastels by artist Hettie Rowley and is overlaid with the words from his great 'Hymn to pan' (see below). It is around A3 size.

Hettie is an award winning artist (see here under the 'awards' tab) and does accept commissions.

If you would like to commission such a work, please contact us and we will discuss with you personally. As a guideline, a portrait like that on the left will cost around US$250 with 60% payable in advance and the balance after the customer's inspection of an electronic copy made available prior to shipping. Shipping is at cost and additional (from Australia to the United States). We can provide the shipping cost within  a formal quotation should you request one.

Footnote on Aleister Crowley and the Kabbalah:

Aleister Crowley was a great teacher of Magick, which in major part is founded on insights into the Kabbalah. We have begun a series of articles on the Kabbalah and it's relationship to the Hebrew alphabet and the Tree of Life. You can fins the first two article as follows:

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