Buying Essential Oils – The Pitfalls, Scams and Prices

buying essential oils

Many people are confused about buying essential oils - there are so many options, many of which are pure fraud. Let's begin with a basic statement or three on cost and safety:-

"You can buy a basic starter pack of six essential oils for as little as $16 - good quality 100% pure essential oils" - Keith R
Keith Rowley
Founder Mystical Breath

Beware MLM Selling Schemes When Buying Essential Oils

Maybe the biggest problem area we've found in the buying and selling of Essential Oils is MLM selling schemes (multi-level marketing). These are schemes whereby consultants or distributors join a company, usually “under” another consultant, who then becomes their “guide”.

To join these consultants must usually buy an introductory “kit” which comes complete with product and a pile of marketing materials all designed to help you to sell. These consultants are able to buy their own oils at “wholesale” prices and then are to turn around and sell them to their friends, neighbors, family and anyone else at very highly high marked-up retail prices.

If this sounds like a familiar scam - it's because it IS. ​The prices you are expected to charge for these oils would make a thief blush in most cases, and because people are essentially good, when approached by a friend they will often buy the oils at these prices - and later find out how they've grossly overpaid.

Enough said - I don't advise buying from such consultants and I really don't advise becoming one! That's not to say that there are not many genuine people selling essential oils in this way - just that there are cheaper and more reliable ways to get your oils.

Buying Essential Oils  from Amazon

Buying from Amazon has one HUGE advantage that stands out:- The Review System. It's very hard for any seller to cheat this system, so when you see reviews that are generally good, it's most likely to reflect the truth. Happy customers make for good reviews.

Amazon is careful - when we submitted our Peaceful Home  Essential Oils pack (sorry - none left right now) to Amazon, we had to submit PROOF that these oils were safe and obtain full Materials Safety Data Sheets before they could be accepted into inventory. So with Amazon, you should be safe when buying essential oils.

The term “therapeutic grade” was created by Gary Young of Young Living to sell more essential oils, and to make people think there was something special that you could only get with his company’s oils. That couldn’t be further from the truth! All essential oils are considered “therapeutic grade”, which just means they can be used for “treating or curing of disease” or used “medically” to “maintain health”. -

What you DON'T know when buying essential oils from Amazon, is whether the seller is telling the truth about their oils being 100% pure. Amazon has no way to check this. However, with our oils we do have a 100% pure declaration from our factory. We don't expect much cheating in this area, because essential oils are generally not expensive. Our packs contain some of the dearer oils like Frankincense, but still come in at a reasonable price.

Other Warnings when Buying Essential Oils

There are a few more things to look out for and beware! As usual in this overcrowded, competitive world, people do make outlandish claims for their oils. Here are a few:-

  • "Our essential oils are the ONLY essential oils that are therapeutic grade" - this is of course nonsense! There is no formal body that recognizes, controls or has standards for therapeutic grade essential oils! Anyone can make this claim - it means nothing.
  • "The ONLY essential oils that are safe to ingest (take internally) are ours". This is not only nonsense, it's dangerous nonsense!  No one knows yet what stomach acid does to the integrity of essential oils.  The “pure essential oils” by many essential oil MLMs are NO DIFFERENT in quality and purity than most other 100% pure essential oils. So what makes them certifiably safe for ingestion? Be careful and don't believe marketers - believe medical scientists and doctors and qualified aromatherapists.
  • Only a few oils in their purest form are gentle enough to be applied full strength to the skin. One of those is Lavender Essential, and it is one of those that should NEVER…be ingested!

I'm NOT going to name the companies that make these claims here- I'm NOT "going after" anyone - I'm simply presenting the facts as I have researched them. And that's that!!!

Buying Essential Oils Locally

Some people are fortunate enough to have local sellers of essential oils. These people are sometimes qualified aromatherapists, not big companies, and it's possible to develop personal relationships with them. Even though we sell on Amazon (which is an honest wayto do business), we do love local small companies and support them. But do be sure you're not dealing with an unscrupulous MLM company!

Of course, local companies will generally be a lot more expensive, but as long as you are getting quality product, maybe even local product and you can afford that, then all's well.​

Getting Started  Buying Essential Oils

To get started buying essential oils, do a little research on the applications for your oils - whether you want to simply beautify your home or alleviate a problem such as dry skin or indigestion - there are many articles on this site to help you. Then order a sample pack that includes a few oils - remember - they don't have to be expensive. After that you can progress with comparing the quality of oils from a variety of suppliers against the price. DON'T assume expensive is good - that's simply not true.

All the best and enjoy your Essential Oils!!! 

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