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Wear your powerful Mystical Breath Birthstone Ring to focus your natural energy and build your personal power

Birthstone rings
Birthstone rings

Just what is a birthstone ring? Most people know that they have a birthstone for the month that they were born. However, you may not know the connection between you and your birth gem and the benefits of wearing it in a birthstone ring.

The month that you were born corresponds with a star sign. When the stars are in a specific alignment, it is possible for you to harness additional energy from the universe by using your birthstone.

Wearing a birthstone helps connect you to your sign and the energy that it brings.

If you want to know how wearing a powerful mystical breath birthstone ring can help transform your life, you should learn more about your birthstone and your star sign.

Here is your complete birthstones guide.

Explaining the  Birthstone and Birthstone Ring

Each month of the year has a specific gemstone connected to it. The idea of giving each month a different birthstone ring is not an ancient practice. In fact, the modern birthstones were decided by various mystical groups in the period 1890 to around 1920 when the matter was finally settled.

There was much controversy about this, because association of a person with specific energies lies at the heart of many mystical practices and beliefs. Much experimentation with astral travel and vision experience was used to ensure that the correspondence between the date of a person's birth and the energies of the relevant star sign were properly and truly correlated. This is critically important because stones that do not align with a person's birth-sign can be worse than useless and even cause mental discomfort and unease.

Recent and Ancient Developments in Understanding your Birthstone Ring

While the widespread use of birthstone rings is a recent development, people have used birthstones to represent astrological periods since the beginning of written history.

In ancient times, the High Priest of the Israelites wore a breastplate  adorned with 12 gemstones.

Josephus, a first-century Jewish historian, believed that these gemstones signified the 12 months of the year and the 12 different zodiac signs.

For many years, people in various cultures believed that the birthstones were directly related to the astrological signs. It was still not common practice to wear your own birthstone ring or pendant.

However, in the eighth century, gemstones were assigned to each of the 12 apostles. Around this time, some Christians began wearing the corresponding gemstone for the apostle each month.

Historians believe that the concept of wearing your own birthstone ring or pendant may have started in the 1700s in Poland or the 1500s in Germany.

Commercial Interference in Defining the Birthstone Ring

The true esoteric meaning of birthstones and their powers was a long guarded secret. Sadly though, and as is always the case, commercial interests began interfering in the accepted definitions for the simple reason of wanting to selling more birthstone rings!

To help increase the sale of gemstones, the National Association of Jewelers decided to create a standard set of birthstones. In 1912, members of the association met in Kansas and created the modern birthstone list, which was updated again in 1952.

While some of the birthstone rings have changed, fortunately many have remained the same. For example, garnet, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and topaz remain the same as they were in the 15th century.

There are also many people that prefer to use the gemstones connected with their astrological sign. As there are 12 zodiac signs, there are also 12 gemstones, many of which correspond with the birthstone for those born in the same month.

For example, the official birthstone ring for January is garnet, which is also the gemstone for the Aquarius.

We consider this guide to be accurate and based on original meanings developed over centuries.

Your Birthstone Ring and Star Sign Are Connected

Birthstones and star signs are directly related. The 12 zodiac signs and the 12 gemstones are connected through the natural energy of the universe.

Your zodiac sign is connected to you because the stars aligned in a specific way the month that you were born. Every year, when the stars are aligned in the same position, the universe sends you positive signals. There are many people that believe wearing the corresponding birthstone ring or pendant helps connect this energy.

Attracting and focusing positive energy with a Birthstone Ring

Wearing your birthstone ring may help attract the aura of positivity that the universe is providing. Many people believe that this can bring powerful healing powers. You may finally gain the power to overcome your stress, anxiety, or depression.

The positivity may also lead to positive changes in your outlook on life. When you promote happiness, more happiness is returned to you.

You can also continue to benefit by wearing your birthstone ring throughout the year. These gemstones are taken from the earth and forever linked to the universe. As they are linked to the universe, wearing them can help you tap into the hidden powers related to your zodiac sign.

Understanding the Natural Energy of Your Star Sign

You should understand the natural energy of your star sign and how it’s reflected and focused by your birthstone ring. The standard astrological signs are shown below and for added interest and information, we have shown the alchemical property, the ruling planet and the birthstones applicable to each.

We've done this because all of these things are connected in the greater scheme of things and eventually toy get a 'feel' for them and just know what's right for you and where you fit in.

Star Signs, Birthstones, Alchemy and ruling Planets

Star Sign



Ruling Planet


Birthstone ring



Jan 20 - Feb 18

January Birthstone Ring



Feb 19 - March 20

Amethyst Birthstone Ring for February



March 21 - April 19

March Aquamarine birthstone ring



April 20 - May 20th

April Diamond birthstone ring



May 21 - June 20

May Emerald birthstone ring


The Moon

June 21 - July 22

June Pearl birthstone ring


The Sun

July 23 - August 22

Ruby birthstone ring for July



August 23 - September  22

Peridot August birthstone ring



Sept 23 - October 22

September birthstone ring in Sapphire



October 23 - November 21

Opal October birthstone ring



November  22- December  21

Citrine November birthstone ring



December 22 - January 19

December Tanzenite birthstone ring

Each sign is connected to specific traits. These traits are part of your inner nature, which is easily forgotten when you lead a busy lifestyle. Identifying your zodiac sign and then finding the corresponding birthstone ring may help you get back in touch with your inner self, which is often the first step in obtaining personal happiness.

What Should You Know About Your Birthstone?

Each month has its own birthstone ring, just like every month has its own star sign. The star sign and the birthstone are considered connected, which is evident when you compare the meanings behind these symbols.

What Does My Birthstone Ring Mean?

What does my birthstone ring mean? Here is a closer look at each birthstone and gemstone based on the official jeweler’s list of birthstones and the gemstones connected to each zodiac sign. Examine the significance of your birthstone’s color, energy, general benefits, and powers.

Allocation of birthstone ring by month and star - sign

It is important to note that each star sign covers two months and that the dominant traits of the sign arise from the early weeks and that as the month progresses, the growing forces of the following star sign step-in. Therefore, we have allocated the dominant stone for your month of birth.  You will also find some affinity with the stones of the preceding and following months, but these affinities are much weaker. 

January and Aquarius (21 January to 18 February) Birthstone Ring: Garnet

January Birthstone - Garnet
January Garnet birthstone ring

Garnet is connected to January and Aquarius. The garnet birthstone ring symbolizes protection. If you are lucky enough to be born in January or born an Aquarius, you are likely a protector of those that you love. It can also represent trust and friendship.

Garnet is a beautiful birthstone that comes in a variety of colors. However, deep red garnet tends to be the most popular choice. It can also represent prosperity.

The various meanings behind the garnet gemstone are all related to the strength of mind and will. You are likely a trustworthy person and willing to do what is right for others. Wearing your birthstone ring may help give you more strength to overcome indecision or self doubt.

February and Pisces (19th Feb to 20 Match)  Birthstone Ring: Amethyst

February Amethyst birthstone ring

February is connected to the amethyst gem, which signals wisdom. People born in February may possess deep wisdom and insight. However, this birthstone means a lot of different things to different cultures.

While amethyst is also available in different colors, purple amethyst is the most common. Amethyst is also the gemstone for Pisces. People believe that symbolizes spirituality and sobriety, both of which are connected to wisdom.

When you are having trouble making the right decisions, wearing your amethyst birthstone ring may help you unlock the wisdom within you.

March and Aries (21 March to 20 April) Birthstone Ring: Aquamarine or Bloodstone

March Aquamarine birthstone ring

People born in March have the aquamarine birthstone. This birthstone indicates that you are a serene person. The aquamarine gem was also thought to offer protection to sailors.

While aquamarine is the official birthstone, bloodstone is the gemstone connected with the Aries astrological sign.

If you were born between March 21st and April 20th, you can consider bloodstone your birthstone. It represents endurance. When you are struggling to endure the challenges that life throws at you, make sure that you start wearing your bloodstone birthstone ring.

April and Taurus (21 April to 21 May) – Sapphire Birthstone Ring: Diamond or Sapphire

April Diamond Birthstone ring

Quartz or diamond are the birthstones for people born in April. Diamonds signal strength. This makes sense, as diamonds are the hardest gems. However, part of April is also the time of the Taurus, which is connected to the sapphire gemstone.

Besides strength, people that follow the astrological signs believe that it represents loyalty and truth. Wearing your sapphire birthstone ring may give you the strength to remain truthful and loyal during dark times.

May and Gemini (22 May to 21 June) Birthstone Ring:   Agate or emerald

May Emerald birthstone ring

If you were born in May, your emerald birthstone may indicate that you are a hopeful person. It can also symbolize intelligence, youth, and growth. Emerald gems are a lovely green color.

However, if you go by your astrological sign, Geminis have the agate gemstone. Agate offers protection against stress. Wearing this birthstone ring is beneficial for those that suffer from stress or depression.

June and Cancer (21 June to 22 July) Birthstone Ring: Emerald or Pearl

June Pearl birthstone ring

June is for lovers. The pearl or alexandrite birthstone is often related to matters of love. These are both unique birthstones.

The pearl is the only gem that is produced by a living creature, instead of mining it. Alexandrite is also distinct. It appears green in daylight and purple-red in artificial light.

For those born between June 21st and July 22nd, emerald is the birthstone ring connected to your astrological sign. As mentioned, the emerald signals hopefulness, youth, intelligence, and growth. It also represents understanding and patience.

It is a powerful gemstone, as it has a variety of beneficial powers. Unlocking the natural energy of the emerald with a birthstone ring may help you overcome challenges and gain hope when you are feeling lost.

July and Leo (23 July to 22 August) – Birthstone Ring: Onyx and Ruby (Primary)

Ruby birthstone ring

This is a complicated month! 

The ruby represents vitality and is the birthstone for people born in July. The ruby is one of the most famous gemstones. Besides vitality and health, it can also represent wisdom. It has a deep-red color.

If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you are a Leo and onyx is your star sign gemstone. The Onyx  birthstone ring brings comfort and relaxation, which is fitting for Leos. If your busy lifestyle is keeping you from relaxing, wearing your birthstone ring can offer a reminder that you need to occasionally take time for yourself.

Leo (23 July to 22 August)  and August Birthstone Ring: Peridot and Onyx

August Peridot birthstone ring

People born in August primarily have the peridot birthstone, which is related to beauty. While everyone is beautiful in their own ways, you may have additional inner or outer beauty. Peridot also represents healing. People used to wear a peridot birthstone ring to help ward off nightmares and evil thoughts.Onyx can also help those born early in the month, bringing relaxation and a sense of peace - which is great in today's world of stress and hurry.

September and Virgo (23 Aug to 23 Sept)  Birthstone: Sapphire and Peridot 

September Sapphire birthstone ring

Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September. The sapphire birthstone indicates that you are a truthful person. Sapphire may also represent protection and romance. The colors vary from blue to violet.

If you are a Virgo, then your birthstone is chrysolite, which is also known as peridot. This is also the official modern birthstone for those born in August. While it can symbolize beauty, it also symbolizes success. You can wear your star sign birthstone ring as a good luck charm.

October and  Scorpio (24 Oct - 21 Nov) Birthstone Ring: Opal and Tourmaline

October Opal birthstone ring

Tourmaline is the October birthstone ring. It is considered a sign of healing. Like Opal. Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors and is a unique gem. October is also occasionally connected with the similar opal gem.

For Scorpios, Beryl is the zodiac birthstone ring. It is associated with honesty and beauty. Keeping this gemstone on you may give you the power to be more honest with yourself and to see the inner beauty in others.

November and  Sagittarius (22 Nov - 22 Dec ) Birthstone Ring: Citrine and Topaz

November birthstone ring

If you were born in November, you have the citrine birthstone ring, which is related to joy and happiness. It is also known as the healing stone.

November is also the month for the topaz gem, which is the gemstone for the Sagittarius. Topaz also represents warmth, energy, strength, and wisdom. Like citrine, topaz has a rich orangish-pink color.

Topaz is another powerful gemstone. It should be worn with pride, as it signifies that you are a helpful person. You are a giver that offers strength and wisdom to others. When you feel that you are lacking your own strength, keep your birthstone ring close.

December  and Capricorn (22 Dec - 21 Jan ) Birthstone: Topaz or Ruby and Turquoise or Tanzanite 

December Tanzenite birthstone ring

People born in December have the turquoise or tanzanite birthstone. These stones are  connected to friendship. You may be good at making and keeping friends. Besides turquoise, people born in December may use  blue zircon and Topaz as their birthstones.

If you were born in late December or the first part of January, you are a Capricorn and the ruby is your star sign birthstone. It is connected to love and passion. If you are ever feeling alone or unable to make new connections, wearing your birthstone ring can help you remain more connected to your nature.

Conclusion – What Wearing Your Birthstone Ring Can Do for You

You have read all about birthstones and star signs and how they are directly connected to the natural energy within you. However, you may still wonder, “why should I wear my birthstone ring?”

Wearing your birthstone ring helps you connect to the natural energy in the world. Energy is all around you and the birthstone may help you harness it.

As you age, it becomes easier to drift away from the things that help keep you grounded. Keeping your birthstone on you provides a constant reminder of your true self, grounding you and allowing you to open yourself up to the energy.

Wearing the gemstone that corresponds with your astrological sign is a powerful way to reconnect with your inner nature, which can lead to happiness and may bring good luck.

To view our range of beautiful birthstone rings, please click here

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What is the Third Eye and How can it be opened?

Third eye opening

The Third Eye 

The third eye is another name for the Ajna (brow) chakra. It is also called the inner eye or the sixth chakra. The inner eye can connect people to their inner selves and allow them to communicate with the world.

In various dharmas, the third eye is considered the center of foresight and intuition. People that open this sixth chakra are considered enlightened and centered.

While the concept of the inner eye originated with Hindu beliefs, it may have modern applications for people in all walks of life. You do not need to be a practicing Hindu or Taoist to enjoy your third eye awakening.

In many ways, you should benefit much if you  learn more about this powerful chakra and its role in your overall existence.

The Third Eye Provides Insight and Foresight

What is the third eye? Your third eye is like a sixth sense. When you have a gut feeling, you are experiencing just a small part of the abilities of the third eye.

It is a concept that is used by various religious and philosophical traditions, including Taoism and Hinduism. These religions and dharmas (ways of life) include various beliefs related to the inner eye.

It is typically considered the eye of vision. Your physical eyes are simply sensory organs. Your two eyes provide your brain with images. However, your physical eyes do not see the truth that underlies everyday experience, unless you have awakened the sixth chakra.

In Hinduism, this eye is also related to the God Shiva. It is also the gateway to achieving a higher consciousness and transcendence.

Over the years, the third eye has also come to represent the pineal gland. This is a small gland in your brain that produces melatonin. Melatonin regulates sleep patterns and is required for a variety of functions in the central nervous system.

Developing the inner eye is the entryway to inner peace. However, many people also believe that opening the sixth chakra is the entryway to psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and astral projection.

How Do You Awaken Your Third Eye?

Third Eye Chakra Pendant

If you want to know how to open the third eye, you may need to start meditating. Meditation allows you to focus your mind on a single thought or no thoughts at all. In the Taoist practice of awakening the inner eye, you need to meditate and perform chants.

You also need to know where your third eye is located. It sits between the two eyes, just above the bridge of the nose.

When meditating, you should focus your thoughts on this chakra. Concentrate on its location and importance. You should also ensure that you have a quiet place to meditate that is free of distractions.

Repeating a chant can also help you focus on your sixth chakra. One-syllable chants are the easiest to repeat over and over without requiring your mind to think about the chant. Choose a word that brings happiness, peace, or calm.

Becoming more mindful is also a requirement for opening your inner eye. Mindfulness requires you to pay attention to everything that is going on around you and within yourself. You should avoid judging people or making hasty decisions.

Consider yourself an observer. Reserve judgment and deciding whether someone is right or wrong.

Why Should You Awaken Your Third Eye?

Through third eye awakening techniques, you may gain a variety of benefits. Some religious groups consider people that awaken the sixth chakra to be seers. You may gain the power of premonition.

There are also potential dangers to living with a blocked inner eye. When this eye is blocked, you may live in a state of confusion and uncertainty. People with a blocked mind’s eye may also be more prone to jealousy, cynicism, and pessimism.

While the mystical and spiritual abilities of the inner eye are not backed by scientific research, there are advantages to focusing on the mind’s eye. The third eye opening symptoms of heightened intuition and inner peace are beneficial to anyone.

Achieve the Higher State of Consciousness

One of the first benefits of opening the inner eye is achieving a higher state of consciousness. With a higher state of consciousness, you are more aware of your surroundings and your place in the universe. This tends to bring a tremendous sense of calm and peace into your life.

With a higher state of consciousness, it is easier to be more mindful and present. You may find that you are more connected with your inner self. You become more self aware, which helps you think more clearly and overcome phobias that are holding you back in life.

Reduce Your Worries and Anxieties

Achieving a higher state of consciousness may also help you reduce worries and anxieties. When you gain a better understanding of the inter-connectivity of everything, it is hard to let the same fears and phobias trouble you.

The process of awakening your inner eye can also help fight anxiety and depression. To awaken your third eye, you need to meditate and be more mindful. These tasks tend to provide a sense of calm and inner peace.

The higher state of consciousness that you achieve also allows you to live in the present. When you are focused on the present, you stop worrying as much about the past and the future, which are the two main sources of anxiety.

Your Third Eye Improves Your Instincts

As mentioned, the gut feelings that you experience are a sample of what the inner eye can bring. When you awaken the mind’s eye, your gut feelings become more accurate and easier to notice.

After opening your sixth chakra, you may notice that your premonitions tend to come true more frequently. People with an opened mind’s eye tend to have better natural instincts.

Improving your natural instincts can help in all areas of your life. You are also more likely to trust your instincts. Studies show that people that rely on intuitive decisions tend to reach decisions quicker and perform better compared to those that rely on rational decision making.

Gain More Insight Into Your Own Life

Awakening your third eye also allows you to see yourself more clearly. You gain the ability to truly understand your actions and how they impact your life. When combined with greater instincts, you can develop a clearer path toward your goals.

Your third eye allows you to use your higher level of understanding to find solutions to all types of problems. Gaining a better understanding of yourself allows you to avoid repeating the same mistakes. This introspection can be used to help you accomplish your goals or improve areas of your life.

Become More Focused on the Present

When you are more centered, it is easier to remain focused on the present instead of worrying about the past or future. Living in the present brings its own set of benefits, beyond the benefits of awakening your inner eye.

Living in the present helps you overcome fears, including shyness. People that are naturally nervous or shy around others may become more confident, as they do not need to worry about past social situations or worry about the future.

When you are present, you are also a better listener. It is easier to focus on other people's issues when you do not have any major issues of your own.

Your Third Eye May Bring Creativity

Many people experience increased creativity after awakening the third eye. Creativity can get blocked by self doubt, anxiety, and fears over the quality of the creative work. When you eliminate these issues, you are free to be more creative.

You have more freedom to work freely without thinking too much. Instead of worrying about whether people will like your work, you can simply enjoy expressing yourself. This often results in higher quality work and greater satisfaction with the creative process.

Awakening Your Third Eye Brings Wisdom

The third eye symbol includes the Om over an inverted triangle. These objects are surrounded by a circle bookended by two lotus petals. These elements all represent wisdom, which is one of the most significant benefits of awakening the inner eye.

Greater wisdom comes from all the advantages discussed. When you achieve a higher state of consciousness, you gain the wisdom to reserve judgment. You are also likely to be more creative, self aware, and confident.

When you awaken your mind’s eye, you gain an increased perception of life, the universe, and your place in it. This allows you to make more sense of what you see and experience.

The wisdom that you gain also allows you to reflect on yourself. You may gain a better understanding of your emotions and how to control them.

Improve Your Overall Physical and Mental Health

The benefits that you achieve through the awakening of your inner eye may also improve your physical and mental health.

As mentioned, you may find it easier to deal with stress. You are also less likely to experience anxiety and depression. The wisdom that you gain also helps you remain more centered and aware of your emotions. These benefits aid your mental wellbeing.

However, when you avoid stress and anxiety, you are also more likely to experience better physical health. Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest causes of health issues.

When you experience stress and anxiety, you may have trouble sleeping. You may also make poor decisions, such as unhealthy eating decisions. Stress also increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

The combination of these negative effects can have a profound impact on your physical health. Eliminating stress and anxiety can have the opposite effect. You may make better decisions, break your bad habits, and enjoy better heart health.

The meditation that you perform to open your inner eye may also improve your breathing and blood circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach your brain. This is known to help reduce stress, anxiety, and various health issues, such as difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

Experience Spiritual and Psychic Abilities

The advantages discussed are verifiable. People that spend more time meditating and attempting to awaken their third eye tend to experience less anxiety. They also tend to trust their instincts and think clearly when solving problems.

However, there are also many people that believe awakening the third eye can bring spiritual or psychic abilities.

Lucid dreaming is one example. With lucid dreaming, you learn to control your dreams. You become aware that you are dreaming, which allows you to alter your dream world.

There is also the belief that the sixth chakra can allow you to astral travel during meditation. Astral projection is a type of out-of-body experience. Your consciousness separates from your physical body and travels through the universe.

Some people also believe in the ability to see and sense the auras of other people. Auras are the energy fields that surround people and animals. Auras may contain positive or negative energy.

When you can detect the aura around people, you become better at avoiding negative interactions. You instinctively know who has a negative outlook and who has a positive outlook. When you surround yourself with positive thinkers, it becomes easier to live a mindful life.

Last Thoughts on Awakening Your Third Eye

The third eye is a concept that millions of people believe. The exact abilities that you may gain through opening the third eye may vary based on your personal, religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs.

Even if you do not follow one of the dharmas or religions that originated the concept of the inner eye, you can still enjoy the benefits that the awakening can bring. Through focus, meditation, and introspection, you may gain more clarity and insight into your life and the world around you.

If you want to know how to open your third eye, you may seek the advice of those that have already experienced this awakening. There are many spiritual centers and gurus that offer guidance and instruction for opening the sixth chakra.

Keep in mind that this awakening can also be a personal experience. You can seek inner peace and a higher consciousness through your own actions.

In the end, the presence of the third eye is hard to deny. However, it is up to you to decide if you want to unlock the powers behind this inner eye.

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Lucid Dreaming Part 2: A guide on how to have lucid dreams

Lucid Dreaming

How to have lucid dreams

Let’s begin by defining lucid dreaming: Lucid dreaming is dreaming when you are fully aware that the experiences you are undergoing is not occurring in the day to day world of physical reality. How this awareness occurs for the first time is hotly disputed, because it’s a matter that occurs at the interface between consciousness and the netherworld of the great unconscious.

In my case I remember distinctly being over taken by a sluggish, grey mound of molten rock; it was white and grey and it followed me as I ran. Something snapped inside me and said (without words), 'this is not real'!!!

From there I was able to gradually increase my periods of awareness by a range of techniques, until almost all of my dreaming became a controlled, lucid experience. But it took me years! Of course dream interpretation is a huge subject by itself - we will delve into that matter in future articles.

Lucid dreaming is now an important part of my life, as I deliberately explore my subconscious, sometimes in control, and sometimes just monitoring the events and places my mind produces.

Being aware and knowing dream contents

There’s an important distinction here though between being aware, and actually deciding on the contents of a dream.

When we simply watch our dreams, we are letting the brain do its job of integrating our experiences, worries and passions; but when we control the direction and content of a dream, we are actually creating an unnatural state that takes up time and can actually cause us problems.

This is because the subconscious really needs to run free and operate naturally, forming our mental backdrop to the world and helping us to cope with day to day life.

We should NOT control our every dream even if we could. Bearing that in mind, anything is possible in a directed lucid dream if we are in control, and we can have a lot of fun!

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

There are many techniques available on the internet to develop lucid dreams, but most of them are pure quackery! To help you to sort out the wheat from the chaff, I have made a few notes on the absolute basics of this fascinating matter. Everything you need to learn how to lucid dream is here. There are three key techniques:

1. Prerequisites
2. Observer Techniques
3. Dream control

Lucid Dreaming - Prerequisites

The first and foremost requirement is - Get enough sleep! – this cannot be over-stressed. Almost all dream experiences take place during REM sleep, and the longer you sleep, the greater the percentage of time your mind will allocate to REM sleep and dreaming.

Ideally as an adult, you will be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep each night – without the distorting effects of alcohol or drugs. If you are battling with insomnia. then try a natural solution. There are many articles on this site covering this matter - I suggest you begin with a basic introduction.

Keep a dream diary

Write down your dreams as soon as you wake – keep a pen and paper next to your bed at all times. Ideally, you will keep a special dream diary, dedicated only to recording your dreams and nothing else. Make sure the book is special to you, and has a handsome, beautifully decorated cover that you will remember. You may find this cover design appearing in your dreams quite regularly.

Start Performing Reality Checks

This is the tricky bit! It starts by you asking yourself, through the day ‘is this real?’ You need to make a habit of this and do it frequently – every 30 minutes works for me – and more frequently as events occur and you meet people. It must become an almost constant check, as if you were expecting to ‘wake up’ at any moment.

What happens after a few weeks of this is that you will find that the check starts to happen in your dreams – and when it does, it will shock you! In fact, you’ll probably wake up immediately. And that's just the start of a wonderful adventure.

Advanced Lucid Dreaming

Once you have the basic reality check working, you can move on to a creative and exciting exploration of your dreams. Whichever technique you use, it is important to stick with it. This is very much like learning basic yoga and body control – those who choose a position and then abandon it, choose another and so on never master the basic techniques.

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Lucid Dreaming: How To Have A Lucid Dream And Why It Is Good For You

Lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming - How to Achieve it

Dreams are often called the gateway to the soul. As strange as they may sometimes seem, dreams carry an important meaning; they are direct products of the subconscious, and thus reflect our deepest emotions. Lucid dreams, or dreams where a person is in a state of awareness, can tell us quite a lot about a person's life and the workings of their mind.

This article presents dream facts to help understand what benefits can come from lucid dreaming, and how to make the most of them. We also take a look at interpreting dreams and why most of the statements we read about this are simply wrong.

Why Lucid Dreams Are A Good Thing

Dreams are reflections of the feelings we experience from the people and events in our lives, and the world around us. Most commonly, they represent our strongest fears and wishes. It is not always easy to trace the source, or understand the meaning of experiences that occur in dreams.

Often, they reveal deep, forgotten emotions that are hidden far beneath the surface level of consciousness. As we age, our minds grow in experience and complexity, so the forces underlying our dreams also become more complex and difficult to understand.

Tapping into this hidden layer of consciousness can bring clarity to questions people have about their lives.

For instance, an analysis of your dreams may reveal feelings of affection or anger towards someone that you have tried to ignore, feelings that you have never been consciously aware of.

Usually, people ignore these feelings because it is convenient for maintaining the status quo of daily life, and they don't let themselves realize how they really feel, putting up emotional barriers, but even though the emotions are being ignored, they still have an effect on thoughts and behavior and cause significant internal stress which can manifest through impatience, depression and irrational behavior.

The subconscious is a powerful engine that you ignore at your peril!

On a lighter note, it can be very enlightening to discover these emotions through lucid dreaming and then act on them, thus bringing harmony to our lives.

Lucid dreams can also recall memories of past experiences that have been forgotten or suppressed. Often, these experiences have caused people pain or frustration the person has carried since the incident. This can have a profound negative effect on life. When a dream brings the incident to the surface, it can be processed and worked through, so a person can finally move on.

Interpreting Dreams - How To Extract Meaning From Dreams

There is a great deal of writing and literature that supposedly interprets the meaning of specific objects and symbols that may appear in dreams. For example, the appearance of elephants in a dream supposedly symbolizes triumphing over adversity. However, this is a false concept.

There are no universal symbols in interpreting dreams.

The meaning of any particular object or symbol depends entirely on the individual. To different people, an elephant can represent something entirely different, and thus its presence in a dream takes on a completely different meaning. 

At the same time, some situations frequently relate to certain emotions for many people. One common type of lucid dream dreaming  is running away and being chased.

For most people, this is indicative that a source of fear or anxiety in daily life is not being dealt with.

The specific thing you are running from may suggest what that fear is related to, or it could mean nothing at all. It can be very difficult to interpret dreams accurately! The more time and effort you put into interpreting your dreams, the better you will get at it. Eventually, you will learn what certain symbols and situations mean for you, and how they connect to your real life.

Ways To Induce Lucid Dreaming

Most people are not always aware they are dreaming, and don't know How to have a lucid dream. These tips will make you more aware during your dreams to help you remember details.

The habits people form with their actions during the day carry over into their sleep. If you spend your days in a state of agitation and restlessness, you will probably suffer from disturbed sleep.

Conversely, relaxation and meditation during the day promotes a calmer, more soothing sleep cycle.

You can use this to your advantage to become more aware in your sleep. Frequent meditation and mindfulness exercises will make your more aware during your dreams.

By the same token, take a small reality check once every hour or two throughout the day. Ask yourself if you are awake or dreaming, and check the time. After repeating this exercise enough times, you will begin to perform it while dreaming.

Upon waking up, the memory of your dreams will begin to dissipate rapidly. Within minutes, all details can be completely forgotten. In order keep the most accurate recording possible of your dreams, keep a journal at your bedside. When you wake up, write down your dream right away, noting as many details as are still fresh in your memory.

You can also use a voice recorder, or your phone, and make an audio record of the dream.

You can use a mnemonic technique to make your dreams more lucid. Before going to sleep at night, repeat the phrase "I will be aware of my dream" several times. You can even fall asleep while gently repeating it.

Learning lucid dreaming, and interpret meaning from your lucid dreams is a good way to reflect on one's life and see what is going on beneath the surface. It is a great way to keep your present experience connected with your true emotions.

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