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The Mystical Breath Personal Diffuser-Humidifier


Diffuser box front

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Combined Humidifier and Diffuser

The ultrasonic technology is combined with a replaceable wick which allows this device to act as both a humidifier and Essential Oils Diffuser - Perfect!!! 

Special Deals

As a valued customer of Mystical Breath, you'll always be first in line for our special deals on essential oils, diffusers and more as we add to our product range.

USB Powered

Run from any USB plug in your home or office or car, or any mains-driven USB adapter plug. Perfect for home and travel.

Feather Touch Control

​Single touch feather control - no clunky switches to break or jam.

Beautiful Colors

The LIVING LIGHT colors auto-rotate in a gentle, relaxing sequence of purple through blue and green and shades in between.

Silence! - Ultrasonic Microchip

The ultrasonic technology diffuses your oils and water silently and efficiently - no heaters and no noise. 

Durable Surfaces

Your diffuser will withstand exposure to all essential oils without corrosion or deterioration - and lose none of the beauty of its wood-grain finish. .

Ideal for Travellers

Weighing in at 147 grams (just over 5 ounces), this device is perfect for travelers. Give your hotel room a color burst of essential oils with this little beauty!

A Fantastic Gift!

Every time this is used, your friendship will be remembered and renewed.

Ideal for Personal Use

This is a compact diffuser, ideal for small personal spaces, offices and bedrooms. Ideal for meditation with the colors and fresh odors.

Super Easy Maintenance

Changing the wick takes about 10s - every few weeks. Unlike some diffusers, this is super-easy!

No Heat

This diffuser does not need a heater, so it's safe, low power and does not heat your essential oils!

The Diffuser in Action

This video of our diffuser in action was kindly provided by an Amazon reviewer Lizj – you can see her full review and contact details on our Amazon Product Page.

More information on our Personal Diffuser - Humidifier:-​

Essential Oils Diffuser

Feather Touch Control

This beautiful device comes with no moving parts or unreliable switches. Just touch the power symbol once and the humidifier starts; touch it again. and the living light LEDs are activated, rotating their brilliant colors into your living space; one more touch and the device switches off - and so on. This is brilliant electronics that gives total control.

It's also completely silent - the ultrasonic diffuser works far above the human capacity to hear - maybe your dog will notice though!​

Corrosion Resistant Interior

diffuser split open

Here we see the very simple interior of the device with the reservoir on the left (bottom half) and the ultrasonic and electronics on the right.  The device opens with a very simple, gentle twist and closes the same way. Your aromatic oils will not corrode this device, and neither will water with a wide Ph range - acidic or alkaline. 

We have used and tested this with a wide variety of 100% pure Essential Oils and found that the device is completely immune to any possible damage.​

USB Power Connector

Diffuser manual and power chord

The simple, safe and easy USB power connector (supplied with your humidifier) simply plugs into any USB port on any device - or you can plug it into a USB Mains Connector - (not supplied). Make sure that if you want to use a mains connector, you have a mains plug with a USB port on the back (like the one that comes with your iPhone).

The round pin plugs neatly into the rear of the device where it can't be seen and there is no mechanical power switch on the device , just the feather-touch control described above. Please keep the power plugs dry and undamaged as you would with all electrical equipment.

Non-Slip Base

Diffuser Bottom

The humidifier has a special non-slip base so you can safely and confidently place it on a  wide variety of surfaces. ​ The base also shows the capacity of the reservoir (130mL) and the European CE approval badge.

We do advise that if you are using the device in a  very still atmosphere, then you should place it on an absorbent surface, as after hours  of use, some of the water and essential oil droplets may settle from the air around the base.​

Available from Amazon.com!!!

The Mystical Breath Diffuser and Humidifier is now available from Amazon! Please don't forget to leave us a review when you have used the diffuser for   while - and let us know what you think. This is our first product and we are very excited!

A Selection of Reviews on Amazon

Here are a few of the great reviews we’ve gotten so far. There are of course a few negative points made as with all products, but we really do our best to make everyone happy

I have it on my desk while I work and I Love it.. I put my essential oil in and I found it work great at giving a gentle aroma around me. It has a very quiet hum that I can barely hear, the colors rotate and you can't just keep it on one but that really doesn't offend me I usually just keep the light off.. It is very easy to use and put together.

Lindsey M Hurley
Customer via Amazon

I'm so grateful for this Humidifier/Diffuser. I set it up in my bedroom and it immediately changed the atmosphere. the LED lighting is beautiful to watch and the fragrance from my oils is light and simply gorgeous. This is a great product.

Customer via Amazon

The unit is smaller than I expected, but it puts out a lot of vapor (for lack of a better word). It's very pretty, and unlike most other diffusers, it blends well with my decor. I get all the benefits of a larger unit, except one thing....the scent of the oils is very subtle.

Cathy Matsumoto
Customer via Amazon

The mystical breath ultrasonic diffuser uses a cotton wick to disperse the water supply to the diffusing plate. The lid secures tightly to the bottom with a slight twist and is about the size of a medium coconut. The light is soft which is lovely if you are using it in bedroom. You are able to turn the lights off with a simple touch and still use the diffuser. You can use the diffuser with or without essential oils and it does come with an extra cotton wick. I rinse the wick between different oils even though it is not specifically stated in the directions. This diffuser also uses a USB power supply such as those used with many cell phones. Good for smaller spaces but not for large open spaces.

Lindsey M Hurley
Customer via Amazon