Essential Oils for Anti-Aging – Do They Work?

Essential oils for anti-aging

Oh for the secret of eternal youth! Or even another ten years of being twenty-five! But alas, such things are not possible – and probably never will be because no matter how smart we think we are, nature will not be denied.

But that’s the good news – nature will have her way, and natural aids to keeping us health and young-looking do actually work. In this article (accreditation for information is at the bottom), the authors give us some very useful tips on essential oils for anti-aging. I love Essential Oils, and this article will give you at least one reason to love them too!

5 Essential Oils for anti-aging  – What are their  Properties?

Here you will find some of the best essential oils that are very popular for their anti-aging properties, and once you understand how these precious liquids work, you will want to ditch your expensive high-end anti-aging serums and make your own, from scratch!
Apart from preventing the free radicals from prematurely aging your skin, these essential oils also speed up the healing process.

Jojoba Oil – Your Next Best Friend!

Jojoba oil is present in most of the hydrating creams, body lotions and even shower gels. It is one of the top essential oils for anti-aging.

Jojoba oil is extremely hydrating, and what makes it so popular in the cosmetic industry is the fact that it does not leave any unpleasant oil traces or residue on the skin, unlike it happens with other oils that make your face look unnaturally shiny and oily.

The jojoba oil gets quickly absorbed into the skin, and the result is outstanding: your skin will become more radiant, and your pores will be minimized as well.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Known for its intense, astringent effects, the pomegranate seed oil is very rich in Vitamin C and it also doubles as an antioxidant, just as Vitamin E.

What makes this seed oil a particularly important part of every homemade anti-aging serum or cream is the fact that it is extremely rich in bioflavonoids which,

In addition to nourishing your skin, also protect it against the damaging UV rays which can lead to sun burns, scars, brown spots and even increase the risk for skin cancer. This is another one of the top essential oils for anti-aging.


Although the extracts and oils mentioned above should never miss from a truly beneficial homemade skin care product, the following essential oils are the true “pillars” of these creams.

Frankincense is anything but new, as our ancestors have been using it for thousands of years in order to stimulate cell regeneration and to alleviate sun spots and age spots – it was identified as a top essential oil for anti-aging and healing many centuries ago.

If you started to notice small, brown spots on your skin as the direct result of prolonged sun exposure, then Frankincense will certainly come in handy for diminishing them and giving your skin a fresh new look. Some people claim that the first results were visible within a few days!

Lavender Oil

Lavender  is a great choice for a homemade anti-aging serum or cream, as it has antibacterial and healing properties.

Not only can the lavender essential oil improve cellular communication, but it can also help you manage burns and cuts, especially when used in conjunction with the Frankincense, the Vitamin E extract, the pomegranate seed oil as well as the jojoba oil described above. This is anther top essential oil for anti-aging.

After you have gathered all these ingredients, all you need is a clean, small plastic container or a glass/serum jar where you can mix and store them.

It is of utmost importance to store this homemade anti-aging serum away from direct sunlight or moisture, and to use the product each evening before you go to bed.

Five drops of this amazing serum is all you need to revitalize your skin and to reverse even the most visible signs of aging – simply apply them onto your skin and massage gently, until the serum is absorbed into your skin. You will wake up looking fresh and invigorated!


Thanks to NaturalSolutionToday for this the information in article.

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