Essential Oil and Your Star Sign: Part 1 of 12

Star Sign and which essential oil

What has an essential oil got to do with your Star Sign?

So what have essential oils got to do with astrology and your star sign? And why do we even read horoscopes - aren't they based on pure superstition? We're going to answer these questions for you and indicate methods you can harness to generate inner peace and good health. We'll be explaining in moderate depth what a star sign actually is!

What is a Horoscope and a Star Sign?

A horoscope is an analysis of your current situation and a prediction of your future based on the alignment of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth. Although there is little scientific evidence for the validity of astrology, there is a wealth of empirical evidence. However, the valid evidence is buried in mountains of superstitious claptrap produced by con-men (and women) for the gullible. A true horoscope is an extremely complex undertaking and cannot be compared to the drivel produced by 99% of today's practitioners. The good news is that there is real meaning in your star sign and that essential oils, being a part of nature, have a relationship to that star sign.

To produce a valid horoscope for any star sign requires a deep understanding of:-

Kabbalah Tree of Life
  • Alchemy - the nature of natural forces and their interaction. This means interpreting the physical world in terms of the spiritual world and mapping the forces of one into the other. For instance, when an Alchemist speaks of Earth, he automatically makes associations with stability, regeneration, the furthest point of spiritual travel (the material world into which the spirit descends and incarnates) and much more. Alchemy is built into the very fabric of astrology; thus, the signs are divided into those of air, water, fire and earth.
  • Kabbbalah - This is the great Hebrew system that maps the whole universe into a complex interrelated set of symbols. It is entirely contained within the 'Tree of Life'' and incorporates the stars and planets, time and space.
  • The Tarot - The Tarot contains all the elements of the Qabalah and of Alchemy and Astrology.  It is a tool used for divination and analysis. 
  • Astrology - A knowledge of the technical and spiritual operation of the planets and stars and the attributions of each planet and each house of the zodiac. Astrology could not exist without alchemy and qabalah.

The Zodiacal and its Star Signs

The Zodiac

Each star sign contains aspects of the four basic aspects of nature - Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This is the basis of alchemy which is not superstition but a metaphorical way of describing metaphysical properties. For example, we say that Capricorn is an Earth sign, meaning that we expect stability  and strength and also fecundity, producing those things that the world needs to survive.

Every sign may be attributed a complex set of symbols from alchemy and kabbalah which define its basic properties. These properties include certain affinities with the natural products of the world we live in, and plants and animals are an important part of these properties. 

The Star Sign of Aquarius


Aquarius is an AIR star sign, not a water sign despite the symbology.   In the Tarot, Aquarius is The Water Bearer and in Kabbalah is referred to the Hebrew letter Hé and the 15th path on the Tree of Life.  The Tarot card referred to for the sign is The Star.  What does all this mean? How do we attach specific essential oils to this star sign?

The Star from the Thoth Tarot Deck

These attributions give us the basic tools of analysis for star signs and their best-match essential oils; they tell us of all the cosmic influences brought to bear on individuals born under the sign. Briefly, these factors reveal confidence in nature and in life, high creativity and trust. However, in its darker aspect Aquarius can also indicate a mind plagued by delusion and which seeks destruction.  You can intuit how the various odors of essential oils would match these states of mind - clarity, comfort, 

Plants and the Zodiac

​The plants used to derive essential oil each has its alchemical and astrological properties and so each astrological sign benefits from some specific oils more than others. When we choose the 'right' oils by happenstance, we usually simply notice the greater benefits we enjoy from them than other oils and they quickly become our favorites.

Essential Oils associated with the star sign Aquarius

  • Aquarius Essential Oil: Coconut Oil - usually used as a carrier oil. It helps the Aquarian to speed up the unconscious processing of information. This often leads to those '"Eureka!' moments which sometimes set the life-direction of a person born under this fascinating sign.
  • Aquarius Essential Oil: Olive oil - usually used as a carrier oil and has the same effects as coconut oil on an Aquarian.
  • Aquarius Essential Oil: Galbanum - Galbanum has been known since the times of the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, where it was burnt in incense sticks, mixed in bath water, used in skin balms, and as a perfume. Used by an Aquarian it can considerably sharpen the mind, helping to clear the illusory mental fogs to which Aquarians are susceptible. 
  • Aquarius Essential Oil: Rhubarb - more usually provided as a fragrance. Medicinally, rhubarb is used in both eastern medicine and conventional medicine. It is a digestive tonic in small doses and a laxative in larger doses. To the Aquarian mind, this substance also acts as a clarifier of situations and helps decision making.
  • Aquarius Essential Oil: Peppermint Oil:- This oil can help to focus an Aquarian, which is frequently necessary as they tend towards being visionaries who simply take too many conflicting ideas into their heads at once and need to focus their energies to process their huge data input and reach fixed conclusions. One they have done this they tend to be very single-minded!

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