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This is one of our favorite questions! There are millions of online stores out there, ranging from good, honest businesses like ours to outright scams! These days, just about every person with a PC thinks it's easy to get online and make a fast buck by selling cheap goods with fancy ads. And then there's the shoppers' friend - Amazon! Why bother with us at all?

Let's cover Amazon first - frankly, they're amazing and the best thing to happen to online shoppers ever - we sell some of our stuff there too. Amazon sets standards in looking after customers that we all have to live up to. BUT, Amazon is HUGE, and there is still space in the world for much smaller, family owned businesses with which you really can have a relationship - and we are one of those businesses.  Most people want to deal with other human beings of similar culture and values, not with robots or underpaid call center workers (God bless them too!). We are small and will remain small. We always respond personally to customer queries and truly value you not just as customers but as human beings with human needs and values.

So how are we on price? We sell three types of product -

1) Products from great US manufacturers - such as Mooseberry and Aroma2Go.

On these products, our prices are simply the same as every other retailer. So what value do we add? That's easy - 1) Personal Service 2) Loyalty points that give you discounts on future purchases 3) Our guarantees of quality and warranty, backed up by our suppliers 4) A very personal relationship with or business that means you can ask us to get products for you, add them to our range, provide you with more information and so on. 5) We are adding more and more articles and information to our site so that you can not only shop, but read and learn and enjoy - we really are working hard to build a community around Mystical breath and we'd love you to be a part of that. Do we want to make a dollar? - Or course! But we want to do it honestly and transparently in a way that enriches the lives of our friends and customers.

2) Quality products from China for sale in the US

We are very aware that for some buyers, quality and cost are equally important and that they are prepared to wait a little longer for their products. That's why we source many products from china, and always let you know where they're from and how long the delivery time is. Again, we provide loyalty points, personal service and guarantees. 

3) Our own products

We currently have two of our own products available on Amazon and will continue to sue that great channel. We might ship directly in future, but let's face it, when it comes to delivery logistics, Amazon are the world leaders  and we feel safe in their hands. However, when you buy our goods from Amazon, you remain a part of our community and we are always here to help in every way - just as though you'd purchased the product from us.

4) Products from great Australian Manufacturers

We're still working on this!