Essential Oils Used to De-stress Hospitals

Essential Oils de-stress Hospitals

A video from FOX NEWS and related article,  reveals that when essential oils were diffused in hospitals, the results were so good that they’re almost UNBELIEVEABLE!!! – not to us of course!

Here’s a sample:-

ER STAFFBefore AromatherapyAfter Aromatherapy
Stressed at Work41%3%
Frustrated at Work60%6%

Essential oils used to de-stress  Beth Israel Medical Center in New York

Essential oils are being used at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York city for the relaxation and pain relief benefits assisting cancer patients.  The properties of essential oils are being recognized more and more as antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are challenging health providers.  According to Annie Wong-Beringer, Pharm.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy, “Inappropriate antibiotic use may kill beneficial bacteria, opening the door for harmful bacteria to establish themselves in their place. It also may toughen up some bacteria by encouraging them to mutate and develop drug resistance.” Where essential oils can actually reduce germs and are not ‘recognizable’ by bacteria due to their complex nature.

The Article from Fox

According to recent reports, hospitals, like the one in Vanderbilt, Tennessee are using therapeutic grade essential oils in their emergency room to boost productivity and health. Over 50 hospitals nationwide are using oils for increased healing benefits such as germ-fighting and the well-known mood-lifting properties of these amazing natural tools.  Fox news originally reported on the phenomenon that is spreading across the country- as word gets out that essential oils can not only improve the smell of hospitals, relieving patients of that ‘bad smell association’, but also raise the morale of workers and ward off infections.

Essential oils are powerfully concentrated plant essences distilled from the flowers, leaves and bark of plants.  In the case of lemon oil, it takes 150 lemon rinds to create one single ounce of essential oil.  The distilled essence of most plants have been shown to carry anti-microbial, antiviral and antibiotic properties as well as smelling amazing and elevating mood.

In Vanderbilt Hospital they monitored the results from running several essential oil diffusers throughout the emergency room area with astonishing findings.  Before the essential oils, 41% of E.R. workers reported stress on the job, after the essential oils -numbers dropped to just 3%.  Over 60% were frustrated on the job prior to diffusing the oils and afterward only 6% reported job frustration.


Article extracted from Liberty Voice, written by: Stasia Bliss.

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