Celtic Triquetra Moon Pendant


In the Christian faith, the three points of the Trinity knot represent the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. … Christians believe the Triquetra began with monks who brought the symbol with them along with their faith when converting the Celts.

The moon though has a significance born over thousands of years that is very much a reflection of the female powers and aspects of the universe and is strongly associated with witchcraft and the powers of the Goddess. Celtic mythology and symbolism is big on balance (as are so many aspects of the Hebrew Kabbalah). There is a moon goddess also worshiped by the Celts, who is associated with the lunar cycles.

As we know, Christianity melded with and absorbed much of the pagan Celtic world. This pendant is a beautiful synthesis of these belief systems.

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Metals Type: : Zinc Alloy
Color: : Antique Silver