Eye Of Horus Egyptian Pendant Necklaces


The Eye of Horus symbol represents protection, healing, good health and royal power. It is also known as the symbol of moon. Ancient Egyptians believed that amulets bearing the Eye of Horus had healing powers. The Eye of Horus was also used as a medical tool to measure the ingredients while preparing medicine.

According to the myth, Horus and Seth/were fighting to replace Osiris after his death and Seth gouged Horus’ left eye. Hator (or Toth) healed the eye using magic on some parts of it and Seth offered the eye to his father, Osiris to bring him back to life. That is the reason the Eye of Horus is also known as the symbol of sacrifice.

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Pendant Size: : 27x33mm
Chain Type: : Link Chain
Metals Type: : Zinc Alloy
Chain Length: 45cm (17.7 inches)

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Metal Color

Antique Silver Plated, Antique Bronze Plated, Pure Gold Color