Feng Shui 4.3 inch Luo Pan Compass


Like a conventional compass, a luopan is a direction finder. The most obvious difference with a normal compass is the Feng Shui formulas embedded in up to 40 concentric rings on the surface. The circular metal or wooden plate typically sits on a wooden base known as the earth plate.

The red wirethat crosses the earth plate and heaven dial at 90-degree angles is the Heaven Center Cross Line, or Red Cross Grid Line. This line is used to find the direction and note position on the rings.

Unlike a typical compass, a luopan does not point to the north magnetic pole of Earth. The needle of a luo pan points to the south magnetic pole (it does not point to the geographic south pole). The Chinese word for compass translates to “south-pointing needle.”

This beautiful compass will simply ‘feel right’ to every student and practitioner of Feng Shui.

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Style: : Feng Shui
Material: : Metal