100g Feng Shui Clear Wands – Healing Natural Stones And Minerals Quartz Crystals


Feng Shui Crystals crystals are widely used for the specific energy, or the vibrations they bring to your home or office.

For example, the quartz crystal is used to attract love and romance, as well as heal a broken heart. Feng shui-wise, the quartz crystal emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing.
It is best to cleanse the crystals when you first buy themt. Crystal cleansing resets their vibration to be receptive to the new home and the new owner. You can cleanse crystals in many ways, such as submerging them in pure water. Be sure to place your crystals in good energy areas, such as your dining, living room or main entry table.

We pay the shipping on this item to the United States so it’s free for you. The item usually ships within 2 or 3 days and should arrive 12 to 20 days after that, depending on the time of year. We’ll send you a tracking number as soon as we receive it from he shipper so that you can track your parcel online.

Material: : Feng Shui Crystals
Regional Feature: : China
Material: : Natural Stones and Minerals
Use: : Fengshuits
Color: : Transparent
Quality: : quartz crystals
Total weight: 100g

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Weight 16.99 lbs

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