3D Laser Engraved Feng Shu Dragon Crystal Ball


The Feng Shui Dragon, eternally regarded as the symbol of power, nobility, success, divine protection and vigilance is unequaled in its imperial status in Feng Shui. Regarded as the Supreme Being of the universe, it is believed to possess the ability to live in the sea, fly up the heaven and also coil up to form the shape of mountains. As a divine mythical creature, the Dragon is capable of fending off the negative energy of evil spirits, and bestows protection on the home. The Dragon also brings the essence of life in the form of celestial breath known as sheng chi. As Feng Shui is essentially all about capturing and creating sheng chi, it is this element of sheng chi that attracts wealth luck, good fortune, abundance and success to those who possess the symbol of Dragon.

This gorgeous Feng Shui ball is made from K9 crystal, which is also used for quality optics. It can be highly burnished and will not degrade with time. Treasure yours and bask in the good fortune it will surely bring you!

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Style: : Feng Shui Dragon
Material: : Crystal

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6 cm, 8 cm