Feng Shui 6.7 Inch Tall Mini Crystal Money Tree


A Potent Focus of Positive Energy

A tree that is made up of gemstones is one of the most potent energy focusing devices in Feng Shui. The specific gemstones used in a tree determine the nature of the influence generated – i.e. what type of energy the tree focuses. These stunning trees are made in the far east, where Feng Shui originated.

A variety of energy-focusing stones

The trees have a variety of stones and color for a range of Feng Shui effects ranging from healing to auspicious energy for wealth accrual. Apart from that- they are utterly beautiful. Here are the types we offer:

1) Aventurine (a form of quartz) which makes way for fresh energy and new beginnings
2) Purple Amethyst which creates a calm and meditative state to help in wealth generation and focus
3) Citrine (golden) which attracts money energy and great good fortune. This should definitely be placed in the South East of your home.
4) Mixed gemstones – amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine and citrine. This will yield a general mix of good fortune and health preserving energies and can be used to balance and reinforce positive energies in your home or office.

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Material: : Resin
Style: : Traditional Chinese
Surface Technology: : Painting, Colored drawing, Colour decoration
Type: : Feng Shui,Resin ornaments,Money Tree

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Green, Colorful, Purple, Yellow