Hebrew Letter Tet Necklace


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The Hebrew letter Tet (pronounced ‘Teyt”), is the 9th letter in the alphabet and has the traditional meaning ‘s serpent’ (see the coiled nature of the letter). On the tree of Life, it sits on the path between the Sephiroth Chesed (pronounced ‘hess-ed) and Gevurah. These Sephiroth represent (essentially), benevolence (Chesed) and Severity (Gevurah).

As with all Hebrew letters and the Tree of Life, there is a very deep symbolism here that informs us (again in essence) that too much mercy corrupts and too much severity causes repression. On this path we find the tarot trump ‘Strength'(sometimes also called ‘Lust’), which means restraint applied to force (in essence!).

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Chain Type: : Box Chain
Pendant Size: : 30*35mm
Metals Type: : Copper
Chain Length: : 45cm
Pack: : Opp Bag

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