Lucky Chinese Feng Shui Convex Bagua Mirror


In Feng Shui, mirrors are important, but it’s equally important to use them properly: Here are a few key tips:

1. Hang mirrors to bring in beautiful views of nature from the outdoors, amplifying them and activating Mother Nature’s healthy Chi energy indoors.
2. Use mirrors where they’ll add light and movement to your space. A large mirror in a long dark hallway, for instance, will draw Chi energy down the hall, helping it circulate throughout your home.
3. Hang a mirror near your entryway to attract the Water Element (flow, function and freedom).

4. Don’t hang mirrors in your bedroom! This is a huge topic and there’s no space here for, but please take our word and just don’t do it!
5. Don’t hang a mirror so it reflects you within 5 feet of entering your home. This will cause your Chi energy to bounce right back out the door.

That’s it, folks!

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