Pure Myrrh Incense


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Our prayers rise to heaven

The smoke of the burned Myrrh is a representative of our prayers rising to heaven.
Myrrh is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments many times; It was one of the gifts offered to Baby Jesus by the Magi.
In ancient time Myrrh was one of the most desired and most sought after items in the world and often sold at prices higher than gold.

A protective agent discovered by modern science

Apart from its spiritual uses, Myrrh is also used as a protective agent in pharmaceuticals.

Purify your home

Burn the Incense and Let the aromatic scent purify your home. The incense is used for ritual cleansing for purification. The burning of incense removes all impurities and leaves only the essence for the Blessing of God.

Full instructions provided

Every box comes with Description of “How to burn the Incense”
A tablet of Charcoal is also enclosed with every box.


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Pure Myrrh – Incense
The symbol of the sweet fruits of the Holy Spirit.