Shaving & Beard Gift Set (Free Shipping)


A cruelty-free, Earth-friendly shaving and skin-health kit for your man!

Beard Balm 

Organic and Vegan. A traditional shaving foam made from entirely natural vegan components gives you a comfortable, earth-friendly, cruelty-free shave.

Shaving and Body Butter

Organic and Vegan. An organically formulated whipped shaving and moisturizing butter. This butter is has a creamy rich texture that can be used before, during and after shaving.

Beard Oil

Organic and Vegan. Everything a man needs to lube his beard hairs, making them soft and supple.

See ingredients for this cruelty-free gift below.


Mooseberry Beard Balm (Soothing)

Ingredients: Certified oils of Sunflower, Olive, Hemp, Jojoba, Shea, Aloe, Plant Sourced Waxes, Vitamin E. Essential Oils.

Mooseberry Shaving Cream

Ingredients: Certified organic coconut, shea butter, mango, sea buck thorn, rosemary seed extract and vitamin E

Beard Oil

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

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