Tibetan Buddhist Handmade Rope Chain With OM Mantra Sign Tagua Nut Pendant


Also referred to as the Ecuadorean Ivory Palm, the Tagua tree produces several bushels of seed pods a year with up to 100 Tagua nuts per pod. These nuts are then harvested, dried, and crafted into a wide range of products from vibrant modern jewelry, ornate figurines, to everyday items like shirt buttons. That is what this simple, spiritual pendant is carved from.
It is inscribed with the OM mantra sign and is therefore a constant point of focus for the mind. Truly beautiful, spiritual, and quite unique.

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Pendant Size: : 25mm
Chain Type: : Rope Chain
Material: : Tagua nut
Pendant: : Artisan carved tagua nut
Package: : Eco envelope
Length: : About 38cm