Zen Monk Ceramic Censer Backflow Stick Incense Burner and Incense Packs


There are 20 designs for this incense burner, so please choose the design you want using the drop-down menu – they’re all very classy, with unique Zeb-Buddhist design from China and will grace your home or temple with beauty and function. You can also choose the incense pack you require using the same drop-down “color” menu.

Shipping on this item to the United States is absolutely free – we cover the cost. We will send you a tracking number as soon as it’s shipped (usually within 1 to 3 days) and it normally arrives 12 to 20 days later, depending on the time of year. You can track your parcel online using the tracking number we supply.

Classification: : Incense Base
Material: : Purple Clay
Production: : Aromatherapy Plate
Type: : Incense Burner
Name: : Zen Monk Censer
Applicable space: : Tea room, temple, living room, bedroom, office
Incense Type : Stick Incense,Cone Incense,Blackflow Incense,Coil Incense

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B01B, B03B, 80pcs, 40pcs, 30pcs, 20pcs, M02Y, M02R, M02G, M02B, M01Y, M01G, B04Y, B04R, B04P, B04BEI, B04B, B03R, B02R, B02G, B02B, B01Y, B01R, B01G