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The Aquarius Key - A Novel of the Occult

A Novel of the Occult

Nothing can prepare Bill and Sue Williams for the assault on sanity set in motion by those who seek the Qabalistic keys to the scripture of the new eon. Beset by nightmares, overwhelmed by acts of betrayal and ritual murder, their lives are changed forever by forces they cannot see or comprehend.

For Aaron Steen, the culmination of his lifelong quest for the Aquarius Key approaches. Manipulating the shadow power of the Qabalah, he sets in motion a sequence of events that will change the world forever, replacing the gods of Christ and Mohammed with a darker power, establishing a priesthood that will dominate humanity for the next two thousand years.But he has little time. The ceremonies of blood must be completed; the Key Bearer must yield up the Holy Key; the Key Bearer must die. 

And all the while his enemy approaches, desperately seeking the truth in a world of Magick long discarded and forgotten by modern humanity.Set in present day London and the stark beauty of North Wales, The Aquarius Key lays bare the history and practice of the ancient magical arts of Qabalistic Magick and the legacy of the West's greatest magician, Aleister Crowley.

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Aleister Crowley

Dubbed The wickedest Man in the world by the British press, Aleister Crowley scorched his way through five decades of almost uninterrupted scandal.Born in 1875 into a family of Christian zealots attached to The Plymouth Brethren, Crowley was educated at Cambridge and in his early youth became one of the world's foremost mountaineers, pioneering new techniques of ascent in regions as diverse as Beachy-Head and the Himalayas.

Crowley's chief work and legacy was in the development of scientific magick and mysticism, redefining the western esoteric tradition around his own doctrine of Thelema. Crowley's insights into magick were profound -
"... you realize that magick is something we do to ourselves. But it is more convenient to assume the objective existence of an angel who gives us new knowledge than to allege that our invocation has awakened a super normal power in ourselves.... Diary 27 March 1947 - Quoted from Perdurabo by Richard Kaczynski.

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Aleister Crowley - Watercolor on Paper

Alesiter Crowley - Watercolor on Paper

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