The Power of Love

The Power of Love by Jimi Hendrix

I was pondering today some of the reactions to the death of David Bowie. Many people reflected that he had been taken from us too soon – but he was 69! At that age, we are all contenders for moving on.

So although his death was very sad for many of us, leaving us a little diminished and a little more lonely in this strange world, it was surely no tragedy. We have seen the best of Bowie as he developed and produced his music over an reasonably long lifetime.

Other deaths are more tragic, and Bowie’s death brought to my mind one of the greatest losses music has ever suffered. It’s forty years and four months since the death of Jimi Hendrix – a man proclaimed by many fans and fellow musicians as the best guitarist of all time (up until now of course!). He was 27 when he died of an accidental drugs overdose.

This song is not performed by Hendrix – it’s a gentle and reflective acoustic version of one of Jimi’s most famous hits – All Along the Watchtower. It was written by the great Bob Dylan, but surely Jimi Hendrix was its greatest exponent. Enjoy! And share!

A Gentle Tribute to a Gentle Man

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