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Design the Ultimate Feng Shui Living Room with these 7 Tips and Begin a Happy New Phase in your Life

Feng Shui Living Room

Do you want to fill your home with good vibes? It's easy once you understand the basics. Here are 7 tips for designing the perfect Feng Shui Living Room.

Are you looking to create a Feng Shui Living Room in your home? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief system based on using positive energy in the space to bring good fortune. In other words, the placement, purpose, shape, and color of the objects in your home can be a source of either good or bad energy.

Many homeowners rely on the principles of this discipline to attract harmony in their relationships and all areas of life. Even celebrities like Oprah Winfrey are big fans of Feng Shui. Keep reading to discover 7 essential tips on making your Feng Shui living room an oasis of love and good vibes.

Tip 1: A Feng Shui Living Room is Bright and Airy

Natural daylight and fresh air are the foundations of a Feng Shui  living room. Big windows on the exterior walls can make the room more spacious, but also eliminate stale and stagnant energy. You can also invite positivity using bright colors in your decor, furniture, or walls. To attract health and prosperity, add Feng Shui figurines of Buddha, three-legged toad or frogs, elephants, Coins of the Five Chinese Emperors, wind chimes, wealth ships, and yin and yang decorations.

Feng Shui Buddha

Tip 2: Feng Shui Living Rooms Have Two Exterior Walls

Your living room feng shui layout should consist of two exterior walls. According to Feng Shui, rooms in the middle of the house should not be used as living rooms. The exterior walls allow for the energy to enter the room freely. 

If possible, choose a room with windows on both exterior walls to provide as much natural light and fresh air as possible. The closer the room is to the outdoors, the better the energy inside will be. This positioning activates the other Feng Shui elements in the room.

Tip 3: Feng Shui Living Rooms Are Functional

In many homes, living rooms are the place where you spend most of your time with family or guests. A lot of different energies circulate the space so you need to make sure the room is always ventilated and the air is fresh. The type of furniture you use and how you arrange it is crucial in creating free pathways and energy flow.

According to Feng Shui furniture placement, your pieces should not be too close together. Allow for ample space between two items and remove any furniture that blocks the pathways of the room. It's important for the room to be functional, yet minimalist and free of clutter. You can just about feel the energy flowing once you've opened up your space in this way.

Tip 4: A Feng Shui Living Room is Comfortable and Clutter-Free

Feng Shui is all about freedom, positive energy, and feeling good in your home. If you don't feel this way in your current living room setting, the problem could be in having too much stuff. Clutter isn't always junk you don't need. It can be decorative items, memorabilia, toys, and things you've collected over the years.

If you want your room to feel light and fresh, you need to organize and declutter the space. Throw out what you don't use, and keep things neatly in drawers, cabinets, or beautiful decorative boxes.

Tip 5: Feng Shui Living Rooms Have Positive Vibes

Feng Shui is one of the many ways you can invite positive vibes into your home. However, your state of mind, your family relationships, the people that enter your house, and your belief system can also bring positive or negative energy.

You can't expect Feng Shui to solve all of  your problems or tensions, but if you change your outlook on life and organize your living space around this positive feeling, it can help attract more happiness. In Feng Shui, it's all about letting the good energy flow freely and the same rule applies to your life. If you have obstacles, unresolved problems, or people that drag you down, use Feng Shui to clear them out as well.

Tip 6: Feng Shui Living Rooms Have Live Plants

Once you make the right Feng Shui furniture arrangement, you should consider adding plants to your living room. Choose specific plants that purify the air indoors, but make sure they're not toxic for your pets. Fresh, free-flowing air equals positive energy, happiness, and harmony.

Plants also add a live component to an otherwise object-filled room. You can beautify the space by adding fresh flowers in bright colors or smaller pot flowers.

Some Feng Shui approved indoor plants are:

peace-lily for Feng Shui Living Room

Peace Lily

  • Succulents
  • Bamboo
  • Ficus
  • check
    Spider Plant
  • check
    Rubber Tree
  • check
    Peace Lily
  • check
    English Ivy

Always remember never to let the plants wilt,  and remove all dying plants from the home as they will accumulate negative energy.

Tip 7: Feng Shui Living Rooms Don't Have Sha Chi

A Feng Shui living room cannot go together with Sha Chi, which is another word for attacking or negative energy. Sha Chi can be caused by sharp edges and objects in the room. Your furniture and decor elements should have rounded corners whenever possible, and if you do have pieces with sharp edges, they shouldn't point to any seating areas.

Keeping dried out and dead plants in the room is another way to attract negative energy into the room. Clutter, visits from negative people, and a lot of arguments in the home are a breeding ground for depressing energy.

To battle the bad chi, keep your room ventilated, clean, and bright. Eliminate complainers from your life and after each argument with a family member, clear out space in the room.

Open the windows to let fresh air in, light up candles and essential oils for aromatherapy. Play calming music, make a cup of tea, meditate, or take a bath. These things will help you balance out your energies and transfer them into the living space.

Our Final BonusTip: Make Your Living Room a Cozy Feng Shui Space!

If you want to create a serene home filled with positive energy, these Feng Shui living room tips will help you get started.Everything you have in the living room can be used to attract joy and inner peace, so use this guide to make your house a happy home.

For more articles and tips on spiritual living, aromatherapy, and ancient healing disciplines, visit our blog. We also have just posted a detailed article on How to Use a Feng Shui Compass.  If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products, contact us today. 

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