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Essential Aromatic Oils - what are they and how do we use them?  

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Essential Oils and Your Star Sign: Part 1 of 12

So what have essential oils got to do with astrology? And why do we even read horoscopes - aren't they based on pure superstition? We're going to answer these questions for you and indicate methods you can harness to generate inner peace and good health. ​What is a Horoscope?​A horoscope is an analysis of your current situation and a prediction of your future base [...]

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Essential Oils and Meditation

What is Meditation? What is meditation? After mastering a few of the basic aspects, every student or master will probably give you different answers with a few common elements. Here are the key elements of meditation as I see them:- 1) Mastering the body so that the mind is not distracted by itching, aches and pains. 2) 1st level mastery of the mind - the capacity to freez [...]

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Varicose Veins and Essential Oils

Before we discuss the possible role of essential oils in treating varicose veins, we must first discuss what varicose veins are and what the medical profession says about how serious they are and what we can or should do about them in conventional medicine. Appearance and Prevalence Varicose veins appear as bulging, bluish cords just beneath the surface of the skin. Their [...]

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Essential Oils and Autoimmune Disease

I've always been a healthy person with some very unhealthy habits! From an early age I was very active physically, cycling long distances (up to 160 km or 100 miles per day), hill-walking in Wales and later South Africa, running five to ten miles in the morning and so on. A year ago I took up cycling again in my new home, Australia. And then I contracted an autoimmune disease. [...]

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Essential Oils and Dementia – A Study

Inane and Insane Claims for Essential Oils When reading articles about the benefits of essential oils, I often think 'where's the proof?' The proof is there in people's experiences but this is often corrupted by insane (and inane) claims from essential oils distributors and especially by the big suppliers. Take some of these claims for example, which I read very recently from [...]

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Cancer and Essential Oils

I do not write this article lightly; bringing false hope to people with serious and often terminal disease is despicable and unforgivable. So that is not my objective. This article is about presenting credible, confirmed medical findings for and against essential oils in fighting cancer. It is based on investigation of information from verifiable and authoritative medical sourc [...]

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The miracle of tea tree oil

We've written about tea-tree oil before, and listed ten of its key uses. That was a very popular article so we thought our readers would appreciate more information on this important essential oil. We did a lot of investigation and came up with some really interesting applications. Here's some background on tea tree oil first though - if you are familiar with this already, you [...]

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Debunking Dangerous Myths About Essential Oils Shelf Life

There is always a place for faith in our lives, be it faith in our friends or in God or in ourselves. Faith is what carries us through tough times and bids us closer to those whom we love. But we need to leave our faith at the office door when we read about claims for products made by marketers. Today, we examine the claims made for essential oils shelf life. It's a sad fact [...]

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Bergamot Oil for Cleansing, Confidence and Cures

Many of the people who bought our Peaceful Home Essential Oils have expressed delight and surprise at the odor and effects of the bergamot oil we included in that collection; it seems that bergamot is not as well known as some of the other oils - lavender, sweet orange etc. So we thought it would be worthwhile to hunt down a really good article on what bergamot can do for yo [...]

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Essential Oils and the “Therapeutic Grade” Myth

The Truth Is Out There!In the first of our 'myth-busting' series we take a hard look at the marketing term 'therapeutic grade'. It may be disappointing to learn the truth about this term, but there is some great news - oils that are 100% pure and of good quality can be a lot cheaper and just as good (or sometimes better) than very expensive oils sold as 'therapeutic grade.'Sadl [...]

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Where Can I Buy Essential Oils

Many people are confused about when and where to buy essential oils - there are so many options, many of which are pure fraud. Let's begin with a basic statement or three on cost and safety:-   ​Beware MLM Selling Schemes Maybe the biggest problem area we've found in the buying and selling of Essential Oils is MLM selling schemes (multi-level marketing). These are sc [...]

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The Power of Love

I was pondering today some of the reactions to the death of David Bowie. Many people reflected that he had been taken from us too soon - but he was 69! At that age, we are all contenders for moving on. So although his death was very sad for many of us, leaving us a little diminished and a little more lonely in this strange world, it was surely no tragedy. We have seen the best [...]

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Frankincense Oil – An Ancient Warrior Fighting a Modern Plague

A great deal of modern research is clearly showing that Essential Oils can be a major weapon in our modern-day fight against cancer. This is not to say that essential oils cure cancer, but that they show strong proeprties in killing cancer cells or retarding the growth of cancer cells. As always, the devil is in the detail! I am particularly struck though by the fact that mo [...]

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Essential Oils, Myths, Frequencies and Lies

Introduction Lately, I've been reading about the 'frequencies' of essential oils and the 'frequencies' of the human body and I must say, I've rarely read such misinformed, deceitful garbage! So I'm going to start this article off with a very basic description of what 'frequency' is, and how the concept applies to human tissue and essential oils.Frequency 'Frequency' is simply h [...]

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This is Spine-Tingling Music!

Once in a while we all encounter a song or other work of art that penetrates our inner soul - that's what hearing this song did to me when my wife played it for me this morning. The power of the delivery of this venerable song 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon & Garfunkel is extraordinarily spiritual and penetrates me in much the same way that a Gregorian Chant does, or 'Fri [...]

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A Guide to Tea Tree Essential Oil

In this article, we discuss the nature of the Tea Tree and why its oil provides so many health benefits. We then go on to look at ten very specific benefits of tea tree oils that will help you in your day to day life. Please enjoy and don't forget to  share! Tea Tree Essential Oil Many of the 100 or so species of tea tree have fragrant, essential oil-containing leaves. At le [...]

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Essential Oils Used to De-stress Hospitals

In this video from FOX NEWS and the related article, we reveal that when essential oils were diffused in hospitals, the results were so good that they're almost UNBELIEVEABLE!!! - not to us of course! Here's a sample:- ER STAFF Before Aromatherapy After Aromatherapy Stressed at Work 41% 3% Frustrated at Work 60% 6% Table Cell Table Cell Table Ce [...]

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Essential Oils for Sciatic Nerve Pain

First and foremost I have to say that if you are in pain, always see a doctor. Using Essential Oils as advised here should provide some pain relief but it will not address the root cause of your problem - we are not qualified medical practitioners here at Mystical Breath, we are enthusiastic users of Essential Oils and believe that we can provide good advice on their uses - and [...]

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The History Of Essential Oils

It 's an interesting fact  that during its advancement, modern medicine didn't just abandon traditional remedies of no value, but also abandoned and condemned many remedies that did work - that have always worked - and branded them as superstitious nonsense. This happened because science, although giving us profound insights and benefits, wasn't always secure of its acceptanc [...]

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Fantastic Benefits of Foot Massage

Like aromatherapy and essential oils, massage provides huge health benefits that are rarely discussed although many of us are vaguely familiar with the relationship between Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage. Our bodies seem to respond to a lot more than the chemicals of modern medicine (which I do not decry in general - after all - they work most of the time!).  So wha [...]

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