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We're glad you're here! Mystical Breath was set up in 2015 as a place where people can expand and deepen their knowledge of all things spiritual and alternative. That's why we have a growing library of blog articles on a range of beliefs from Christianity to Zen, from Buddhism to Wicca, from Hinduism to the Kabbalah and Feng Shui. See some of our blog posts below or just click on our 'Blog' link in the main menu above.

In this age of heartless cruelty and general disdain for nature, we also felt the need to throw a fresh light on such matters as aromatherapy and essential oils, organic soaps and home made remedies. As our website grows, we'll be able to do more research and add to our libraries.

Finally, we have our shops which are divided into products sourced in the USA and products sourced internationally.  We did this to make it clear and open where our products are sourced and how quickly they can be delivered. You can use the link in the top menu to find what you would like. We provide full guarantees and accept most credit cards as well as PayPal.

Our Custom Artwork

The Dragon image you see above was created by artist Hettie Rowley, who has won many awards for her work. You can see more of it around this website, but also on her own website hettierowley.com.au

Our Spiritual Product Ranges

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