Broken soul

I wrote this verse and it's introductory note in 2012 You can find it (and more of my written work) on

A terribly sad image of a lost and lonely soul just entered my head and this came pouring out. I'll probably work on it more, but the image evoked great pity in me and I need to post this right now... 

A broken woman with a broken heart
Loads up her life on a broken cart
Reaching for the love of a long lost day
For the laughter of children the dark took away

A flash of bright memory of candles and gold
Of Bright smiling faces in days bright and cold
Of the strength and the warmth that kept cold at bay
In the days of her beauty that the dark took away

Ashamed deep inside of what she’s become
Of the marks on her arms and the stench of cheap rum
She thinks of the love of her parents that day
When the dark came inside and took them away

There now she sits in the door of a shop
The cart’s loaded up but she has to stop
She knows she must go on into the day
Looking for hope that the dark took away

She shivers, draws tight the thin fabric she wears
And cries as the scruffy old blouse rips and tears
Remembering wardrobes of furs smooth and grey
In her grand house that the dark took away

Old is her face but see when she smiles
The beauty of youth still shines through her eyes
Recalling the days when men queued for a day
For a glimpse of the love-light the dark took away

The snow swirls around her and she blends with the chill
A desperate old woman with a cart on a hill
Will no one please love her, take her in for a day
Or are we the darkness that throws her away

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