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7 Beginner-Friendly Tips for Getting Started with Yoga

Starting Yoga - Seven Tips

7 Beginner-Friendly Tips for Getting Started with Yoga

Starting Yoga: 7 Tips to Help Beginners Get Into the Practice

Everyone has to start somewhere, even experienced yogis! Read on for a few helpful beginner-friendly tips to make starting yoga as easy and fun as possible.

More people practice yoga these days than ever before. Yoga gives us many health benefits, both mental and physical. So it's no surprise that more people are turning towards this powerful style of exercise. If you've never tried yoga before, it may seem overwhelming. You'll wonder how to start doing yoga in the best way. What poses are the right ones for beginners? What kind of gear do you need?

Don't worry, we're here to help you. Listed below are our top tips for starting yoga off on the right foot.

1. Warm-Ups are Important

With its slow movements and positions, yoga doesn't look much like a traditional form of exercise. But that undercuts the strength and muscle it takes to practice yoga in a healthy way. A lot of these movements take determination and a lot of core strength to perform. You'll find that you develop toned muscles after getting into yoga.

Because of this, warm-ups are as important to yoga as they are if you were to go running or lift weights. Gentle warm-up exercises will get the blood flowing and put you in the right mindset before every session. A short walk around the block or even mimicking marching in the comfort of your own home are great ways to get your body ready for the session ahead.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Getting into yoga means that you're going to be stretching and moving in ways you've never done before. When you move in these intricate ways, you don't want your clothing to hinder you. Typical things like jeans or skirts won't cut it with this exercise style.

That's why stretchy material like yoga pants are so popular with all yogis. The material is comfortable, breathable, and allows as much range of movement as you need. Before you begin your own yoga journey, seek out clothing made of stretchable material. Doing yoga in jeans, for example, would make for an unpleasant experience that might sour your outlook on something that is meant to help you.

3.Find a Yoga Class

One of the best ways for getting started with yoga is to find a reputable yoga instructor and join their class. Yoga ensures that you're moving your body in whole new ways and with these new movements comes the risk of doing them wrong.

It's possible to learn all of it on your own with careful studying and practice. But with the help of a proper instructor, you'll get a head start in learning these things in the safest way possible.

You don't have to stay in a class for long if you prefer to practice at home. But an instructor gives you the right foundation to lead you to more difficult poses.

3.a - IMPORTANT - If you feel awkward and Shy - DON'T

No one starts yoga because they feel and look great already - they do it to improve themselves - and everyone must start somewhere. Whatever you look like, however stiff or old or awkward you are, a good yoga instructor  has seen it all before will welcome you with open arms into his/her class. You'll make new friends for life and will soon realize that you are not alone. No one in a yoga class will laugh  at you - only with you! PLEASE don't be put off by a feeling of shyness or awkwardness.

4. If you can - bring a friend when starting yoga (not essential)

A lot of the journey with yoga is introspective and personal. You'll spend a lot of time within your own thoughts and feelings, learning to accept and evolve. That doesn't mean you can't bring along a friend for the experience. In fact, a friend's presence makes the yoga adventure more pleasant.

You'll help each other with proper posturing and explore different poses with one another. You'll grow with one another as you push yourself to reach a higher level in your yoga pursuits. It's easier to begin something new when you have a friend nearby. Plus, it can be quite the stress reliever to spend these calm moments with a close friend.

5.  Practice Before Meals

When it comes to practicing yoga, it's better to wait until after your session is over to have a meal. If you eat before the session, all of the bending and stretching will leave you uncomfortable and unsettled. It's not too different from doing traditional exercise, where a full meal beforehand makes for a lousy workout.

Yoga is about finding peace and a calm state of mind. If your stomach aches from the lunch you had before, finding the right mindset will be near impossible. You want to be as comfortable as possible when you go to practice your yoga, so wait until you've finished before digging into your favorite foods. If you are extra hungry and need to eat something, a light snack wouldn't be too much of a hindrance while you exercise.

6. Use Slow, Steady Movements

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to starting yoga. Moving too fast raises the risk that you might injure yourself in the process. Yoga's specific stretches and poses are all about taking your time and settling into the position. It isn't at all like lifting weights or doing jumping jacks. You want to feel the slow stretch of your muscles.

It's easy to think that you need to get through all of your poses so that you can get to the next item on your to-do list. But that doesn't work with yoga. Set aside some uninterrupted time so that you can delve into the introspective and relaxing exercise you deserve.

6.  Immerse Yourself in Starting Yoga

The luxurious stretching motions are an important part of the yoga experience, but even more important is your mental state. How you're feeling affects the benefits you receive from yoga. It takes time to accustom yourself with the meditative state that yoga is so well-known for. It's easy to distract yourself from letting go, but that's okay. Try again and again until you've learned how to do it without any trouble at all and starting yoga will become a luxury you revel in like a hot bath.

Immersing yourself into the entire experience, accepting it for what it is, makes yoga a true pleasure to practice.

Starting Yoga Begins a New Chapter in Your Life

Even with something as peaceful as yoga, practice makes perfect. But unlike traditional exercise, yoga is far easier to keep up with. With the help of these seven tips, starting yoga for the first time will be a breeze. The worry of beginning something new seeps away, leaving you to enjoy the spiritual experience that yoga invokes.

Now that you've learned how to start doing yoga, find out how to make the perfect sacred yoga sanctuary at home.

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