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Yoga Space at Home – How to Create Your Sacred Yoga Space and Curb the Chaos

Curb the chaos and create yor yoga sacred space

A dedicated yoga practice in a sacred yoga space at home can help you gain balance in a chaotic world. Check out this guide to discover how to create a sacred yoga space in your home.

Coping with everyday stress

have you thought of creating a sacred yoga space at home? Why should you? Another question first - Has the stress of everyday life started to wear on your wellbeing? Sometimes, it can feel like you're on a hamster wheel of constant responsibilities and worry. We're bombarded with a stream of bad news coming from the internet and TV. 

That's why it's so important to give yourself time and space to relax and ground yourself. Without that relief, your mental and physical health will start to suffer.  That's what this article is about - How to Create a Sacred Yoga Space at Home and deal with the consequences of stress.

In fact, stress can cause brain damage, increased inflammation, and cardiac problems.  Finding a way to cope with stress is crucial. One common way is through a regular yoga practice. You can try classes, but if you prefer some alone time, you can create a yoga area in your home. That will allow you to unwind whenever you feel the need.

A dedicated yoga practice can help you gain balance in a chaotic world. Read on to learn how to make a sacred yoga space in your home.

Finding the Perfect Spot for a Sacred Yoga Space at Home

It would be great if you had an extra room to turn into a yoga palace. Most people don't, but you can still create a yoga  oasis all your own. Scope out your surroundings to see where you have some extra space. Any corner of a room can work as long as it can fit a yoga mat!

The ideal spot would be somewhere tucked away and limited in distractions. If you share your home with others, you'll want an area with minimal foot traffic. 

An area by a window where you can get some natural light would be relaxing. But, if the only extra space you can find is in the basement, enjoy the solitude! If you're having trouble, think outside the box. Do you have a private garage? You could set things up in a corner and pull the car out when you want to practice.  Once you have your area, you need to assemble your equipment and get going on your sacred yoga space at home!

Your Sacred Space Yoga Space Starter Kit 

You don't need a lot of money to create your yoga area. To get started, the only necessities are a mat and your own body.  From there, you can build your collection of equipment over time. A bottle of organic anti-bacterial spray is a good idea. Just because you're the only one using your mat, doesn't mean it won't accumulate germs. 

A set of blocks are a basic tool you can use in many poses. Get a meditation pillow for times when you just want to sit peacefully.  If you're new to yoga, you might need some guidance. You could set up a TV or iPad and follow along with a yoga video class. 

Want to keep your space technology-free? Make a binder with yoga flow how-to's that you can refer to if you aren't sure what to do next.  The most important part of your space is taken care of. Now it's time to make it look as relaxing as it feels. 

Get Inspired Through Decor of Your Sacred Yoga Space at Home

A beautifully decorated yoga space at home will comfort and inspire you. When something looks great, you will want to spend more time in it. If your budget is small, there are still plenty of things you can incorporate that will make a big impact. 


Gems or crystals not only look beautiful, but they also have healing properties as well. Large, statement piece crystals can get expensive. But, you can collect smaller ones that look lovely arranged on a windowsill or shelf.  Get an amethyst crystal which promotes peace and stability. Kyanite brings emotional healing. Clear quartz crystal will facilitate balance and clarity in your home yoga space.

Sage and Palo Santo

Burning sage bundles cleanses a space. Palo Santo is a type of wood that when burned brings lots of luck and positivity. They also happen to look nice when put out on display next to your crystals!

Other Ideas

Candles bring a lot of ambiance to a nighttime yoga practice. You can look online for spiritual candles that attract abundance or love when they're burned.  An eastern-inspired tapestry on the wall will tie the whole area together. Macrame wall-hangings will give the area a modern hippie look. 

With those final touches, everything will come together. Now, you just have to maintain the sacred space. 

Keep It Sacred

For your yoga area to remain a place of relaxation, you have to keep it sacred. What does that mean? First, keep it clean!There's nothing less zen than a huge mess. If the space is within another room, it's easy for clutter to creep into your yoga area. Be vigilant in keeping it clear and organized. 

If you share your home with a partner or roommate, let them know that this space is important to you. They should respect it and the time you spend there. When you're in practice, you aren't to be bothered unless there's an emergency.  All of these tips sound great, but what if you really don't have any space to spare?

An Alternative for Tiny Spaces

Just because you don't have enough room to spare, doesn't mean you can't use these tips. Instead of a permanent room or area, make yourself a yoga box that you can break out when you want to use it.  Make it simple and easy to load in and out. Include your mat, a meditation pillow, a few crystals, and sage. Store it under the bed or in a closet until you need it. 

Finding tiny moments of peace and relaxation where you can find them will still make a huge difference. 

A Home Yoga Space Will Bring You Peace

Having your own home yoga space will allow you to center yourself at a moment's notice. When you make relaxation, spirituality, and yoga a priority, your entire life will begin to change for the better. 

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