Essential Oils Frequency – and other Essential Oils Scams!

essential oils frequency scam


Sadly, there are many false claims for essential oils. Lately, I’ve been reading about  ‘essential oils frequencies’  and the ‘frequencies’ of the human body and I must say, I’ve rarely read such misinformed, deceitful garbage! So I’m going to start this article off with a very basic description of what ‘frequency’ is, how the concept applies to human tissue and essential oils, and why this claim is just one of many essential oils scams.

Essential Oils Frequency and Other Essential Oils Scams

‘Frequency’ is simply how many times something happens in a defined period of time. In science and engineering, we usually define frequency as the number of times something happens in one second. The way we describe this is as ‘Hz’ (after the great German scientist Heinrich Hertz) – so if something happens ten times per second, it has a frequency of 10Hz. We use other notation for big numbers as follows:
kHz – thousands of times per second
MHz – millions of times per second
GHz – thousands of millions of times per second
When you listen to a FM radio station, it might be ‘Essential Oils FM on 102.4 MHz’ – which means that this imaginary radio station is transmitting radio waves at one hundred and two million,  four hundred thousand cycles per second – or Hz more conventionally.
Okay – that’s frequency – now let’s see how it’s relevant (or not!) to essential oils scams su h as claims for essential oils frequency.

Frequency and Matter

Any material absorbs and radiates energy at specific frequencies. This is because the things of which we are made – atoms and molecules – absorb and emit radiation (radio waves/light waves/infrared waves) at specific frequencies; they simply cannot ‘see’ energy if it is not at specific frequencies. Think of it like being color blind – if you can only see red, then only red objects will make you react. Blue and green objects will get no reaction because you cannot see them. ALL matter is essentially color blind – tuned in to specific frequencies only.
In addition to the properties of atoms and molecules, there is also a vibrational energy (i.e. it can be measured in Hz) that ties atoms together to create molecules. This is a simple definition but it’s CORRECT!
It’s this property of matter that has allowed us to design lasers – which emit energy at only one frequency – it’s very pure! Also, solar panels are quite inefficient because they can’t absorb all the energy they receive from the Sun – only some frequencies. YOUR FLESH IS EXACTLY THE SAME!

The Claims for Essential Oils Frequency – another essential oils scam!

This is where it all gets a bit silly! I recently read a very popular article that started off with this statement:-

“A healthy body, from head to foot, typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 58Hz.”

Now what the hell does that mean? It might mean that you get up to go to the loo 58 times per second or that you absorb energy at those frequencies or that you’re an energy source radiating into the night all over the radio spectrum – in a nutshell, it’s GIBBERISH!!! 62MHz to 78MHz are fairly low frequency radio waves and in no way characteristic of emissions by matter or anything at all in your body or any essential oil. This claim is one of several absurd, meaningless essential oil scams!
Vibrational frequencies in molecules such as those found in Essential Oils are in the range of 10,000,000,000,000 to 400,000,000,000,000 Hertz range (10,000 GHz to 400,000 GHz) ! – this is 7 million times faster than the supposed ‘disease’ frequency. Again – this is NONSENSE! And believe me – the body does nothing at 58Hz!

Essential Oils Work

Essential Oils work so well in so many ways, that it’s a shame to have the field muddied by pseudo-scientific nonsense like nonsense claims for essential oils frequency – it doesn’t help any of us except snake-oil salesmen. It’s certainly true to say that our bodies are comprised of energy fields and that injecting energy at specified frequencies can have effects – but we’re really quite good at doing these things experimentally and the claims made (as noted above) are not in any way justifiable.
For more reasons on why Essential oils really work and why you should keep using them, keep reading our articles! Try this one on the therapeutic grade scam!

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